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I.T. By The Sea Services

I.T. By The Sea is a prevention oriented technology related business catering to South West Florida residents and businesses.

Whether you are a home user, or own a home office or a small business, our goal is to help you protect yourself against the harmful consequences of human errors, hardware failures, software files corruption and natural disasters like hurricanes, fires, floods, etc… that could dramatically affect your data, your network, your computer, or your personal or business assets.

We offer our clients different types of services: Data Disaster Prevention, Network Disaster Prevention, Computer Disaster Prevention, Email Disaster Prevention and Assets Disaster Prevention.

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Data Disaster Prevention: our "Data Lifeguards" Plan ensures that your data is automatically backed up to a remote location. We also offer full Business Continuity Plans.

Network Disaster Prevention: our "Network Lifeguards" Plans are very flexible and can include any number of services, including urgent repairs and upgrades. With four different levels of coverage, we are positive you will find one that fits your current needs. Their main goal is to allow you to deal with technical support and repair needs as a single, predictable line-item expense, rather than as an unpredicted emergency expense.

Computer Disaster Prevention:
our "Computer Lifeguards" Membership Club, places your personal or home office computer on 24/7 monitoring. We can ensure your computer remains free of viruses and spywares, regularly clean the temporary and Internet files, and defragment your hard drive. We can also offer you the possibility to set up and monitor your local and remote data backups. Finally, we can offer you the possibility to remotely connect to your home computer through the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Email Disaster Prevention:  our "Email Lifeguards" Plan protect your email against spam and email threats. It can also allow you to preserve archives of your corporate emails according to government regulations.

Assets Disaster Prevention: Florida Inventory Services is a new service we created after some of our business clients had bad surprises after having to file disaster related insurance claims. Florida Inventory Services provides a professional, reliable, third-party home and business inventory designed to maximize your claim as well as make the claim process smoother.

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Of course, if disaster already stroke and you need help recovering, we also offer less prevention oriented services like data recovery services, hourly technical aid and technological trainings.

Our hourly technical aid services includes urgent on-site software, hardware, and network connectivity repairs and upgrades. Most of our diagnostic equipment is portable, and we will remove a PC to our workshop only when the problem requires more detailed diagnosis or repair.

Our technological trainings focus on increasing the computer literacy of business employees and owners alike. Those trainings are especially developed by us to be adapted to the existing level of the participants and to their current and predictable needs.

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Finally, if what you are looking for is a strong Web presence to reinforce your current marketing, please consider our professional Web design and Hosting services

We also offer Online and Mobile Marketing services, fully integrated with your existing Marketing Plan and your offline Marketing Strategy.

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All our services except training are offered remotely, on-site, or in our office. Trainings are only offered remotely or on-site.

All remote services require high speed Internet connection.

If you need a service that is not mentioned on this Web site, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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