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PatriciaKlees t Testimonials Like any business I need my computers to not only keep records but to keep me on track. A couple of months ago, I brought one of my computers to I.T. By The Sea because it was not booting. I stressed the importance of my data and keeping it safe. I was not only keeping business information on this computer but I also had some of my personal data on this same computer.

I stressed my concerns to one of the techs at I.T. By The Sea. As I spoke, he wrote everything down. This made me feel good as there was going to be no mistake as to what I needed to have done.

Before I knew it, I received a phone call from I.T. By The Sea. They explained everything that was wrong with my computer, the work that had to be performed, the amount it was going to cost and the time frame it would take.
When I went to pick up my computer, everything was exactly the way it was explained to me on the phone, the price, the time it took and the work they had done.

When I find a company I like, I am loyal to them. I.T. By The Sea is one of those companies I will continue to work with.

Patricia Klees
Citrus Parks Farms - Fort Myers
I.T. By The Sea, LLC is a rare breed of Information Technology Service Providers. Not only do they provide a state-of-the-art technical knowledge base but they are highly creative, innovative and able to communicate their ideas in a language that end users understand.

We thoroughly enjoy working with them. I would happily recommend their services to any company in need of loyal, responsive and professional I.T. Providers. I.T. By The Sea, LLC is not like any other service providers. They actually seem to care about their customers.

Christian Galt
Galt Insurance Group - Naples
I brought my business laptop to I.T. By The Sea because my hard drive was not responding and the computer was terribly infected. I also had a ton of music and photos on my hard drive that I had unfortunately not backed up and was afraid it would be lost forever.

I was breathing a sign of relief when I.T. By The Sea was able to retrieve my important data. They explained to me what had happened, installed a proper antivirus/antispyware program and told me how to avoid the same thing happening in the future.

Cheers to the folks at I.T By The Sea

Nezam Juman
Carteret Mortgage Corporation - Fort Myers
RiverdaleLogo t TestimonialsRunning a dental office is impossible without a proper working computer network system. When one computer goes down it makes a busy office that much more crazy.

When our financial software was not working properly we contacted I.T. By The Sea. They sent a tech out that day to get our computer back up and running. He explained to me what the issue had been and showed me how to keep it from happening in the future.

Thank you I.T. By The Sea for keeping our business running smoothly.

Tammy Stephens - Office Manager
Riverdale Dental Associates - Fort Myers
I bring my laptop to job sites and use this computer for my notes, quotes and other business transactions I do out in the field.

When it began running slowly and strange messages were coming up I took it in to I.T. By The Sea for a tune up. I explained this was a computer I use daily and needed back as soon as possible.

They understood it was an emergency to get my computer back as soon as possible. They had my computer to me the very next day. They explained I had gotten a pretty nasty virus. They installed an antivirus program and explained how I can avoid getting viruses in the future.

Because trust is something that is earned, I will continue to work with I.T. By The Sea.

Mark Bruno
Bruno Concrete
Fort Myers

Mark Bruno
Bruno Concrete - Fort Myers
My employees and I were frustrated with one of our business computers. First it was running slowly and then it stopped booting up entirely.

In desperation I called I.T. By The Sea and asked if they could take a look at this computer. They came to my place of business the same day I called and diagnosed my computer. They explained the problem to me while they repaired the computer.

I appreciate I.T. By The Sea for recognizing the urgency of my situation and would recommend them to others for any of their computer needs.

Carrie Eton
Slim and Tone - Fort Myers
IT By The Sea,

I just wanted to drop you all a line of thanks for your help with my computer repairs. I was impressed with the honesty of your staff. I have used a well known computer store for previous repairs and was totally dissatisfied. Your tech pointed out some things inside my computer that were left by those repairs that were not satisfactory. Unknowing people like myself do not know what we have paid for when we go to those places, because we do not know computers.

I would also like to commend you on your one on one service. I did not feel rushed, I felt that I was kept informed about what was being done to my computer, and the price was fair. So what more could you ask for. Maybe for free.

Steve Heidenreich
Heidenreich Kitchens - Fort Myers
DebbieFox t TestimonialsWe first contacted I.T. By The Sea some years ago because we were experiencing a very unique issue with our computer network. We are a very busy plumbing and pool supply company and due of all the machinery we have we couldn't go wireless and because of security reasons we couldn't go with traditional wiring. We needed a company that was creative enough to give us an alternative that would work.

I.T. By The Sea came up with data over power using the electrical in the building. Not only was it resourceful but it solved our network nightmare.

Debbie Fox
Fox Plumbing - Fort Myers
PotterBDWeb t TestimonialsI was looking for a new laptop for my business. I went to a few brand name stores armed with the information of what I needed my new business computer to do. When I walked out of these places I had more questions than I had before going in to them. I wasn't sure if I was getting everything I truly needed for my business and that I wasn't being bombarded with software I would never use.

So I decided to seek the advice of a professional. I went to see the folks at I.T. By The Sea. The people at I.T. By The Sea took the time to answer all my questions and alleviated all my concerns when it came to working within my budget, what type of software I needed and security issues I had.

If your company has the need for any type of computer service I would recommend I.T. By The Sea.

Charles Potter
Hawk Enterprises, LLC - Fort Myers

I.T. By The Sea was recommended to us by another local governmental agency.

We have been working with them for over a year and we can say that they have handled all the challenges we have given them during that time.

Even the times we asked them to work with difficult deadlines, they were extremely attentive to our needs and managed to complete all the necessary projects in a timely fashion.

Whenever we call or email them for advice, help or suggestions we receive prompt responses, appropriate reactions and advice that is not only cost effective but tailored to our specific needs.

I.T. By The Sea’s owner and staff make us feel that they are our personal I.T. department. We trust them to always be looking out for our best interest.

Debra Mahr - Executive Director
Collier County Hunger and Homeless Coalition - Naples