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GGKatieSmall t TestimonialsWe have been working with I.T. By The Sea for about a year and they have saved us in several occasions.

When the hard drive of our older server died on us in the heat of
season, we thought we were in a very bad situation as all of our
business critical data was on the hard drive. We believed we were facing at best a couple of days of down time and at worst the complete loss of all our business data, which could be possibly have been fatal to our business.

Not only was I.T. By The Sea able to recover all our data, but they also had us back up and running after only a few hours of down time. Thanks to their competence and their fast reaction to our emergency, we did not even lose one sale.

When one of our touch screens had to be sent to the manufacturer for
repair, it was damaged during shipping. I.T. By The Sea handled the
whole situation with the carrier and the shipper and worked on our
behalf for months to obtain insurance payment from the carrier. During all that time, they kept us constantly informed sometimes on a daily or even hourly basis.

I.T. By The Sea finally won the battle with the carrier and its
insurance company and we received the entire amount of the insurance, which allowed us to purchase a replacement unit for our business.

We know they have other clients but we have come to consider them as our private I T company since they always seem to share our worries and concerns, and solve our technology related problems with our best interest in mind.

Katie Bernhardt - Office Manager
Golden Gate Nursery - Naples
BillChrysler t TestimonialsMy wife and I brought one of our Dell computers to I.T. By The Sea as we were having difficulty getting it to boot.

As promised, they called us to tell us the diagnosis of our computer. They gave us a few options and the quotes for each option. After discussing it with my wife, I called them back and told them which option I had chosen.

When my computer was repaired, I was contacted and given some surprising news. I was told my DVD drive was not reading. This concerned me because I immediately wondered how much this was going to add to my bill. To my surprise I was told that I.T. By The Sea had already replaced the drive and that they would NOT charge me any additional money for either the part or labor. They were abiding by the quote I was given on the phone.

This company not only stands by their work but also by their word. They gave me a quote and they stuck to it. I appreciate the knowledge and the customer service I receive while working with them.

Bill Chrysler
Disc - Hoe Marketing, Inc. - Fort Myers