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Dr. Douglas Piper

Owner of Verandah Pet Hospital

(239) 332-8387

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 Van Roekel and Associates,


Phone: (239) 694-7177


Steve Ridgely

Owner of Florida Gulf Coast Financial Services

(239) 694-7537


Carol Kennedy

Owner of Kennedy Consulting Services

(239) 694-5943


Jody Reynolds and Mike Wright

Owners of Hermione

(315) 415-2826


Tad Miller

Owner of Dive Old Providence

Web Site:

(239) 281-6692


Charles Potter

Owner of Hawk Enterprises LLC

2020 Clark Avenue Fort Myers, FL 33905

Web Site:

Phone:(239) 770-2832


Patricia Klees

Owner of Orange Clover Farms

12700 Washburn Fort Myers, FL 33905

Web site:

Phone: (239) 344-7574


Josh Smith

Owner of Go Mobile Signs

14026 Palm Beach Boulevard Fort Myers, FL 33905.

Eli Mendes

Owner of Tropic Trailer

9451 Workman Way Fort Myers, FL 33905

Web site:

Phones: 1-800-897-4430 (239) 482-4430