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Central Processing Unit (CPU)

This month our geektalk term is: CPU. I am sure you have heard this term numerous times. For instance, you may have heard your computer person say: "It's the CPU" with a sad smile after examining a computer that will not boot up. But do you really know where it is, what it is and what it does?
Contrary to what many people believe, the CPU is not the whole tower. It is only one of the components inside the tower, albeit the most important one.
The letters CPU stand for Central Processing Unit and the CPU, also called the processor, is the actual brains of your computer.
Just like your brains, the CPU retrieves instructions from memory, breaks the instructions into smaller steps, executes each step and gives you the result of its processing.
This explains why, if the CPU stops working because it overheated or because it just died of old age, your computer becomes useless.

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