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Random Access Memory (RAM)

This month our geektalk term is: RAM. That is another term I am sure you have heard time and time again. Remember last time you complained to your IT person about your computer being too slow. What was their first reaction? "You must not have enough RAM." So what is RAM?
RAM, or "memory," stands for Random Access Memory. It is temporary information storage used by the computer to store currently running programs and the data needed by those programs.
You computer uses its RAM pretty much the same way you use your desk. The files that are on your desk represent the information you are going to need in the near future. Once you are done with one topic, you take the file off your desk, put it back in your file cabinet and take out of the cabinet the next files you need.
The only real difference is that when you turn your computer off, its RAM gets emptied automatically. Not so with MY desk…

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