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VPN: Virtual Private Network

If you’re using a computer or a network for work or pleasure, you have most certainly heard lots of strange words and acronyms that you don’t fully understand.

The purpose of this GeekTalk to English dictionary  is to explain those terms in plain English to help you become an empowered user.  Each month, we will explain one or more of those terms.

This month our acronym is: VPN i.e. Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a direct connection between one computer or network and another computer or network through a special tunnel created specifically for you on the Internet.

We can compare the Internet with the national railways. Using the Internet to send an email or visit a Web site, is like using a public train: anyone can see the data you are transmitting. Using a VPN is like using a private train. You are still using the same Internet but your data can be seen only by other users of the same VPN.

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