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About Our Name

A Name Was Born

The name I.T. By The Sea was born some years ago, at the end of a day-long brain storming session. In spite of all our work, we had been unable to agree on a name for the company. One of us suggested, partly as a joke, that we should call it I.T By The Sea since we are in the Information Technology business, and we are located by the Gulf of Mexico. Everybody burst out laughing. Little did we know then that… a name was born…

Cute Name

During the next few weeks, some of us started refering to the company as I.T. By The Sea both in our internal conversations, and in our relationships with existing and potential clients. The response we received was practically unanimous. People would compliment us on the "cute name." They would also either laugh, or at least smile at the name.

A Smile Is Priceless

It was our clients' smiles who chose the name for us. Consistently offering you, our clients, the most appropriate solutions to your technological problems, is good. Bringing a smile to your face each time you think of our name is priceless…